When you are looking for a flexible, and economical way to display a message outdoors, Fab Signworks provide you with custom banners .

Vinyl banners are one of the most popular and versatile types of Banners available today, and they are well suited for exterior use. The  material itself is flexible, tear resistant, waterproof and highly portable. Outdoor banners can withstand wind, rain, and extreme hot and cold weather temperatures.

Modern vinyl banner printing processes have made outdoor vinyl banners an especially inexpensive and highly professional product that you can use anytime and anywhere to promote your business.

Vinyl Banners

Fabric Cloth Banners

Detailed Product Information

  • Vinyl Banners are completely waterproof.
  • Durable vinyl material, for in or outdoor use
  • They have a high tolerance to wind, cold, and hot weather extremes
  • Vinyl banners are ideal for temporary outdoor signage.
  • You can get any size and virtually any shape and color you want.
  • Banners can be one-sided or two-sided.
  • Any design, artwork, photo or logo can be used in the banner design
  • Durable vinyl flex / fabric / flex material use for indoor or outdoor use.
  • High Quality Flex Eyles available in Metal silver, Metal gold, White Plastic.
  • Thickness 340 gsm and 510 gsm after upgrade.
  • Flex Color front White / Back Grey , black or white.
  • Fabric color  front and back white. 
  • Printing 1440 DPI , Eco-Solvent Printing , full color.
  • The most popular sizes available for outdoor banners are: 2×3, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5, 5×8,10×8,10×10 feet.
  • The most popular shape for an outdoor banner is a square or rectangle (horizontal and vertical). 
  • Life Span 1 year+ with proper placement & care.

We offer a wide variety of installation and accessories to help you hang your outdoor banner. We can place holes or grommets at the top, or all four corners, of your outdoor banner to simplify the hanging process.

  • Banner Rope.
  • Metal, Plastic Eyelets.
  • Metal  Frames.
  • Wood Frames.



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